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The Pakhavaj Players of Alandi


Alandi is well known as the residence and final resting place of Sant Dnyaneshwar - one of the most important figures of the Warkari sect and one of the principle saints of Maharashtra. The town is thus a major place of pilgrimage in the state. The town lies just to the north of Pune city, on the banks of the Indrayani river which it straddles with immense bathing ghats.

Alandi - under lights
I have been meaning to visit Alandi for a long time, but for one reason or the other, that never happened. Until this time.


An Accidental Visit

On a midnight drive to a place further north from Pune, we passed through the town of Alandi. While crossing the bridge over the Indrayani we were caught by the sight of the sprawling and empty ghats and decided to halt for a while.

The illuminated ghats of Alandi

The Sounds Under Lights

The visual delight of the ghats under lights quickly transformed to a more musical one with each step we took - for the sound of frenetic pakha…