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Mandu - Arches Of The Malwa Sultanate


Mandu - or Mandavgarh or Mandav - is described as a place lost in time. The old fortress of Mandav is perched at the southern edge of Malwa, overlooking the Narmada. It assumed importance in the 13th century when the Parmara kings of Dhar shifted their capital here due to its elevation and strategic natural defences. Mandav saw its glory days in the 15th-16th centuries under the Khilji Dynasty - an offshoot of the Delhi Sultanate. Subsequent power struggles saw the gradual decline of Mandav. The 18th century gave the last fatal blow to the town when the Marathas shifted the capital of Malwa back to Dhar.

The arches of the Hindola Mahal in Mandav
Almost three centuries later, the old town still reminds people of its glory in the magnificent monuments that have remarkably stood the test of time - with their timeless arches and design synergy between the earth, the light and the water.


Getting In And Around

The primary access for Mandav is through Indore, via Dhar. Man…