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The High Places Of Jaipur


The city of Jaipur is naturally endowed with a strong line of defense - the Aravallis that surround it. The hills - and the monuments there - have a commanding view of the city that spreads out below. Commanding views can be had from other places too in Jaipur. And its a fun thing too - sitting perched on a high place dissociated from the groundedness of the city sprawl below and feeling the wind rush on around you as the city goes about in its awkward, urban rhythm; almost like birds, almost.

Lights go on in Jaipur after sunset - captured at Nahargarh

Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal as a building has a very simple concept - check the city for the usual wind direction, build a thin sheet-like structure with as many windows as possible and then give the windows small panes. Voila! You have a perfectly ventilated veil-like structure from where the royal ladies can observe the happenings of the city below without being seen themselves!

The one-roomed thickness of the Hawa Mahal