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Wai On The Krishna


A few hours ride south of Pune, along the route to Mahabaleshwar one crosses the small town of Wai on the banks of the Krishna. Wai is a town of medieval temples; a town of ghats that straddle the Krishna as it flows silently. The river forms an integral part of the Wai narrative. It provides, it nourishes and it hold no grudges to the humans who choose to live next to her.

Wai - The Krishna and the Mahaganpati Temple ... ... and the Ghats, the bridges, the Sun and a bird

The Siddheshwar Temple

This small temple lies on the southern bank of the Krishna, on the way from the bus station to the Ganpati Ghat. The main shrine is non-descript, but the view from here is amazing.

Nandi of the Siddheshwar Temple on the southern bank
Overlooking the Mahaganpati Temple


The Ganpati Ghat

This is the main ghat of Wai and houses the Mahaganpati Temple and Kashi-Vishweshwar Temples.

The Ganpati Ghat and its shrines
The Mahaganpati Temple - also known as the Dholya Ganpati Te…