A Chalukyan Wandering In Gadag


We sampled excellent specimens of the 'Gadag School Of Architecture' at Lakkundi. The capital of the Gadag district - Gadag city - also has a few artefacts from the same period. The monuments in Gadag city are located in well populated areas with narrow roads. We chose to walk; this would end up being a 3km route in the soft evening light.

The statue of Basaveshwara welcomes you to Gadag


About Gadag

Gadag city is the headquarters for the Gadag district. The city is well connected by road to various parts of Karnataka, and is about an hour's drive from Hubli, a major commercial centre. Railways connect the city of Gadag to all major areas of the country. Considering the number of small tourist places that surround Gadag, the city could well be developed as a minor tourist hub.


Trikuteshwara Temple Complex

This complex has the temples of Trikuteshwara and Gayatri which are actively worshiped. There are other minor shrines which are devoid of deities. An intricately designed temple of Saraswati exists, but not in active worship. A step-well is also present.

The Trikuteshwara Temple Complex

 The rear of Trikuteshwara Temple

 The withering walls of the temple

The Nandi statue in the temple

The stepwell in the complex

The Gayatri Temple

 The Saraswati Temple - of intricate pillars

 The pillars of Saraswati Temple

A sample pillar with intricate details


The Guard, The Priest and The Travelers

The Trikuteshwara Temple Complex has a few signboards in Devanagari script, while others are in Kannada script. It became a bit difficult to read the names of the temples and hence I consulted a security guard nearby. Actually, he was the only one in the complex. On his enquiring about my wherabouts, the initial discussion quickly dissolved into a quick tour of the shut-off places, followed by a introduction to a mapped guidebook of Gadag. He insisted that we 'had to' check out the hidden places of the district. I couldn't refuse.

Our details - travelers from Mumbai interested in exploring the place - were relayed to the temple priest as well, which resulted in the following conversation:

Priest: How do you feel about this place?
Us: Its good, liked it very much. Thanks!
Priest: (smiles)
Us: Can we take some photos inside?
Priest: Yes, yes. Take photos as you want except the main deity. Tell me, you like this place? Does it have potential?
Us: Yea, its good!
Priest: But there is nothing outside, you see. When you go back, put these words in your Youtube video. Say that the temple is beautiful. You agree, right? But there is no development here! You have seen the roads. Its non-existent and littered. There has been no provision to develop the place. Please put this in your videos. We need more people to come here for the government to notice.
Us: (confused nodding - I don't make any videos) Yea, sure we will. (Hence, this)
Priest: Thank you (politely goes off to attend a family that has just come in)

Well, the responsibilities of a traveler are aplenty!

And yes, if any of the readers happen to be in Gadag, they would agree that the place needs some infrastructure support. The site itself is beautiful for sure!


Someshwara Temple

We stumbled across this Chalukyan structure while on our way to the Veeranarayana Temple and distracted by radio-drones. The temple is simple, yet beautiful.

The Someshwara Temple, side pic


Veeranarayana Temple

The temple is located in the centre of the complex, surrounded by a rectangular courtyard with Dravidian towered entrances and a gaushala. We saw a chariot here too.

Veeranarayana Temple - entrance tower

 The chariot outside the Veeranarayana Temple


Signing Off

We made our way to the bus station through the Sarafa Market and then the regular markets. The Sarafa Market street boasts some old and beautiful buildings.

We found an Akhada too ... shuddh deshi lal maati nonetheless

It was a fun walk.


Other Places on the Karnataka Chalukyan Trail

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