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Ahmedabad is the city at the heart of the Gujarat hinterland. he city has been a regional powerhouse and capital since the times of the Gujarat Sultanate, up to the 1970s when the planned twin city and present capital of Gandhinagar was formed.

The Mahatma's domain

There is a lot of history imbibed in Ahmedabad and the corresponding architecture is beautiful too. The Indo-Saracenic style of architecture has a substantial mark, but well complemented by traditional Hindu and Jain architecture. A major historical aspect is the contribution of this city towards the Indian independence movement - the Sabarmati Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi can be considered the centre of the Indian Satyagraha.


Getting In And Around

Ahmedabad is well connected by air, rail and road to all parts of India. Getting in is super-easy. The city has a strong network of buses, rickshaws and cabs for internal transport. We preferred not to undergo the hassle of bus routes and opted for the very viable option of Jugnoo instead.

Ahmedabad map


Breakfast With The Dead?

One of the quirks of this city is the Lucky Restaurant, located near Lal Darwaza. The place is more of a cafe than a restaurant. The place marks for a unique, yet creepy experience of eating in a literal grave-yard. The tables are placed amid old tombs, probably attributed to saints/fakirs of old. I did not click a photo here.


The Hutheesingh Jain Temple

This is one of the oldest temple complexes in Ahmedabad. The architecture is characteristically Jain. Photography is restricted inside the main temple.

The entrance to the main temple - under renovation 

The tower in the temple complex - similar to ones in Chittorgarh


The Kankaria Lake

The place where Ahmedabad likes to take a stroll in the evenings - complete with fountains, islands, toy-trains and chat counters.

The local pastime

Still waters and fountains


The Sabarmati Ashram

The iconic Sabarmati Ashram does not need any introduction - just posting some random images.

The view of the Sabarmati from the ashram

An end in itself?

The many languages of the Mahatma


Sarkhej Roza

The mausoleum, tomb and mosque complex is spread over a 70acre area. What was meant to be a memorial tomb was later converted into this massive complex including a lake and a palace too. Most of the structures are made of white marble and feature intricate jaali (mesh) work and patterns. The present structures retain much of their original charm and inspire a wondrous awe.

The mausoleum

'Jaali' work

This used to be a water reservoir, now a cricket field

The prayer hall in the mosque

The mausoleum in profile


The Siddi Sayyad Mosque

This mosque bears the emblem of Ahmedabad - the Tree Of Life. This mosque derives its name from an Abyssinian trader who convened the building of the mosque.

The pigeons fly as we arrive

The prayer hall and 'jaali' work

The "Tree Of Life" - the emblem of Ahmedabad

Not the best zoom ...


Swaminarayan Temple

This temple is situated in the Kalupur area - the old part of the city near the railway station. The temple is easy to get to and is also a good place to start a walking tour through the narrow lanes of the old town.

The door has spikes

The entrance

The arches from the sides

The accommodation of the monks


Some Snaps From The Streets

The last part of this blog is an assortment of images from the streets of the city. The old city, especially, is super nice to roam around on foot.

 This building was next to our hotel
The old Bhadra Fort

The market at the gates of Bhadra Fort

In memory of a poet ... 

Old buildings of the old city

Intricate woodwork on an old school facade

Teen Darwaza

The shaking minarets near the railway station


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