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Jibhi - Tucked Away Into Idleness


Jibhi - a small charming village in the Inner Seraj Valley - is an idler's paradise. The beauty of this village lies in the seemingly long and slow mountain days that are bundled with gifts of sprightly streams, crisp air and tall cedar-pines. A wisp of smoke escapes through the slated roofs of the numerous wooden houses; a streak of sunlight illuminates sunny-orange flowers; flakes of cotton drift off with the breeze from the cotton tree; an occasional car passes the high road towards Jalori or Banjar. Its all here.

Vistas of Jibhi

Getting In

Jibhi - pronounced Zibbhi locally - is located in the HP State Highway 11 at a distance of 6km from the town-like Banjar and 12km from the top of the iconic Jalori Pass via Ghiyagi and Shoja. Technically speaking, this is the shortest road between Shimla and Kullu/Manali; however the narrow winding road usually allows only one vehicle to pass through at a time and hence the area has not yet come to the attention of the pac…