Pondicherry From The Streets


Pondicherry - or Puducherry formally - is the much hyped, former French colony on the eastern coast, surrounded by Tamil Nadu on other three sides. The French aspect of this town is now limited to a select few streets near the coast, while the rest of it would pass for any standard Tamil Nadu town.

The Francophile section of Pondicherry is what draws the people here with its grid-pattern streets, art deco walls and laid back cafes. Traveling to Pondicherry is more of an experiential thing, as against other places where you may rush to take in all the sights. The charm of this place is all about the languid and laid back character that it presents to the traveler.


Getting There & About

The best way to get in to Pondicherry is via Chennai, located at a 3 hours drive. Local buses - both AC and Non-AC - ply frequently.

Pondicherry on the map

Once in Pondicherry, you can rent a scooter or a bicycle depending on the comfort level. Scooters are practical for visits to Auroville and similar places located about 5-10 kms away from the city.

Other places nearby can also be covered - Gingee, Mahabalipuran, Thiruvannamalai, Pichavaraam, Chidambaram, Thanjavur. For longer distances, it is recommended to hire a cab.


Strolling Through The Streets

The Cathedral Of Immaculate Concepcion 
The promenade ...
Pondicherry has an active antiques scene ...
On display was a first-copy Raja Ravi Varma painting
A reclining Ganesha ... also for sale
A nunnery in Pondicherry
Remember to tip ...
Some street art
A timely reminder?
 The Bay of Bengal waves by ...

Napoleon looks on proudly
A memorial at Bharathi Park
 The memorial for the First World War

Empty Goubert Avenue by the promenade
 The promenade by midnight
The hour crosses one on the clock tower

Almost time to wind up ... Bussy Street



A quick word about Auroville - the place is superb, but again, like Pondicherry, it has to be experienced, than just seen. Go there with an intent of staying for a few days, participate and contribute.

Maitri Mandir of Auroville
 I just saw the place, so cannot say much other than ... surely next time.


Some Places Nearby



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  1. Good photo essay. Gives a fair idea about scenes in Pondicherry!

  2. Good set of photographs Kapil. Revisited the memories of my Pondi holiday with friends :)

  3. Very informative post equally supported by pictures . How many days would be sufficient to cover all the major places in Puduchery ?

    1. Thanks :). 3 days would suffice easily if you restrict to Puducherry.

  4. nice coverage. Did you go inside Matrimandir?

    1. Thanks. Access to Matrimandir is forbidden for day visitors. You need to stay long term for that.

  5. Well, i guess i am the lucky one to visit Matrimandir as a day visitor back in 2003 :p
    I can't describe the feeling to be honest, you have to experience it. I was 14-15 back then but it felt so good, so calm to be there.


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