Baroli Temples & The Hadoti Countryside


I'd arrived in Kota at 11 in the morning of Makar Sankranti (15th January) from Bundi. Kota has its share of things to do - most notable being preparing for IIT - but I decided to chuck them in favour, of Baroli Temples, located about 50km away on the road to Rawatbhata (Atomic Energy Station). Rawatbhata being close by, I thought I would be able to spend the rest of my day there.


Getting There

My hotel was near the Kota Junction Railway Station. From there, I took a rickshaw to Ghodewala Circle. Frequent buses depart for Rawatbhata from this point. A ride of 45km till Baroli lasts about an hour and costs Rs. 50. Rawatbhata is further 5km away.

First things first ... immediately to the right after the entrance


Baroli Temples

The Baroli temples (pronounced as Badoli) belong to the 10th century and are among the earliest ones in Rajasthan. The temples are made out of soft sandstone (similar to that used in Chittaurgarh's Vijay Stambh) but the architecture and artwork reminds one of the Hemadpanthi and Chalukyan Temples found in the Deccan. The temples, unlike other monuments in Rajasthan are located in midst of dense green trees and lawns.

I'll let the pictures take over now:

First up is an old Shiva Temple in a pond

A little further, the main complex begins with this small shrine

Side wall of the Ghateshwar Mahadev Temple

Ghateshwar Mahadev Temple

Another angle

The Ashtamata Temple

Side profile of the Ashtamata Temple

Inner artwork of the Ashtamata Temple

Some amazing ceiling artwork


Ganesh Temple

Vamana Temple

A subsidiary temple


Jawra Kala

I wrapped up the Baroli Temples by 3pm and then decided to spend some time by the river Chambal, which had appeared so tranquil in the small glimpses I managed from the bus. On enquiry, a local carpenter suggested to head for the village of Jawra Kala, about 1km up the road, from where the river would be accessible.

The distance was covered by hitchhiking on the bike of a local Gujjar - he drove, I was in the middle and the carpenter at the back - Swades style! Further in the village, asked around for directions and was quickly guided to the river. River banks are one of the best places to sit for a quiet introspection.

Lush fields near Jawra Kala

Chambal bannks

The sun and the Chambal

I returned to the road to wait for a bus back to Kota, only to be told that the frequency would be less today on account of the festival. So I stuck my thumb out, pointing towards Kota, and eventually snared a truck. The truck was empty, the driver was returning after dumping some cement at the Atomic Station and offered me a ride till Kota. And this, my friends, was the start to a bumpy ride back to Kota.

The Rawatbhata Road



Jawahar Sagar Forest

The Rawatbhata Road, once outside of Kota city limits, passes through the Jawahar Sagar forest on the banks of the Chambal. Jawahar Sagar is the name of the dam at Rawatbhata that supplies the Atomic Station. The area inundated by its backwaters houses a forest reserve which is soon to be converted to a tiger sanctuary on account of saturation of the famous Ranthambore sanctuary. This fact is well-known in the area, judging by the number of hotels being constructed.

Cattle crossing the narrow road

The road in these parts is truly a forest road - narrow and hardly well-maintained. In contrast to roads in other sections of Rajasthan, this road almost feels like ones in Maharashtra. The road connects small Gujjar and tribal hamlets by the banks of the Chambal. The tribal hamlets dominate the higher and drier sections of the road, while the Gujjar hamlets are seen in the lower plains towards Rawatbhata.

The sun sets

The road will be shut in the coming years. I'll be returning before that happens though.


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  1. Beautiful place to visit . I do not know about this place . so Thnx for sharing a lovely post with us .

    1. Was happy to read blog of a travel buff similar to me. I have grown up for few years at Kota during school days but did not know about Badoli temples/ Thanks for educating. As and when I go to Kota I would visit this place

    2. Other than Baroli, you also have Keshoripatan and Garadia Mahadev near Kota - good places those too!


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