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A Little Of Solapur


I did a quick trip around the Solapur region on a mid-December weekend in 2015. The plan was to cover Solapur, Tuljapur, Naldurg and Hattarsang Kudal. This post is about my two days in Solapur, where I chose to base myself for the trip. 


About Solapur

Solapur is a major city and industrial centre in the south-eastern part of Maharashtra. The Solapur city and the district has a long and important role in the socio-cultural history of Maharashtra. A weekend is insufficient to look at the region in detail. One can make Solapur as a base and do excursions to numerous important places located in a radius of about 40-60 km from the city - Pandharpur, Tuljapur and Akkalkot being the most famous and revered.

The plaque at the railway station
The Wikipedia page covers Solapur in good detail.


Getting There

Solapur is a major railhead on the Mumbai-Chennai route. There are two terminating trains - Siddheshwar Express and Solapur Express - from Mumbai. Siddheshwar Expre…